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Taylor's Appliance stands the test of time

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In 1955, Harold Taylor Sr. started what would become one of the best-known businesses in Riverside. For 54 years this family-owned business has thrived while facing many challenges.

When Taylor’s Appliance was located on Main Street, across from the old Riverside Courthouse it burned to the ground. Instead of taking some time to regroup, the family salvaged what they could, and opened for business the next day.

Today Scott Taylor handles much of the day-to-day operations of the business, which is located on Magnolia Avenue. Incredibly Harold Taylor Jr. still keeps regular hours at the business, with no plans to retire. And while Riversiders who have seen many larger appliance stores come and go, Taylor’s Appliance has stood the test of time.

InstantRiverside.com is proud to report on the history of a local business that has become a unique part of our local history.

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