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Kirk Whalum added to Friday's Bob James show at the Fox

Cathy Maestri

Grammy-winning jazz saxophonist Kirk Whalum (pictured)kirk-whalum-11-0511.jpg will join pianist Bob James at the Fox Performing Arts Center in Riverside on Friday.

James, a founding member of the contemporary jazz group Fourplay, will also be joined by that group’sbassist Nathan East and drummer Harvey Mason as well as the Corona Symphony Pops.

Other upcoming shows at the renovated theater include the Riverside County Philharmonic on May 14; “Burn the Floor” on May 20-22; Poco, the Pure Prairie League and Firefall on June 3; Weird Al Yankovic on June 12; Faith Evans on June 18; comedian Brian Regan on June 26; and Peter Frampton on Aug. 3.

Tickets for James and Whalum are $25-$65, plus service charges. To purchase tickets for upcoming Fox shows, click here. For more on the Fox theater, click here.  

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