Rosa Moreno

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rosamoreno.jpgRosa Moreno, our beloved angel was called back to Heaven on January 17, 2012. Rosa graced this earth on November 5, 1928 in Riverside, CA. Born to Paubla and Jesus Vargas, she was the second of 10 children.

On January 1, 1950 she married her sweetheart, Alex (Hando) Moreno. In their years of love and dedication, they welcomed 7 beautiful children: Cynthia, Susanna, Alex Jr., Rosemarie, Anthony, Donnie and Ronnie.

Among loved ones and friends whose lives she touched, there are many grandchildren and great-grandchildren that were fortunate to have experienced the gentleness, comfort, affection, tenderness and loving smile of Grandma Rosie.

Our Heavenly Father blessed us with the Loveliest Rose, one of unsurpassed beauty and elegance. Anyone who came to know Rosa would agree that she was gracious and caring. “No one ever came to her, without leaving better and happier.

She was the living expression of God’s kindness: kindness in her face, kindness in her eyes, kindness in her smile” She was the best of the best.

Please join us in celebrating her journey to eternal peace on Wednesday January 25th, at St. Charles Church 11342 Spruce Ave. Bloomington, CA, where there will be a Remembrance Viewing starting at 10:30 AM, Rosary 12:00, and Mass 12:30. Graveside services will be held at Riverside National Cemetery, 2:15, Staging Area 2.

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