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Do you need California earthquake insurance?

The number of people with earthquake insurance in California is surprisingly low.

Information from the California Earthquake Authority:

Do I Need Earthquake Insurance?

Many people assume their residential insurance policy fully protects them, but if you look at a typical policy, you will see it does not cover earthquake loss. And government disaster-relief programs are extremely limited—they are designed to help you get partly back on your feet, but not to replace your home and everything you lose. So if an earthquake strikes tomorrow, will you have the financial resources to pay for earthquake damage to your home and its contents?

When you consider your resources, ask yourself how much of your investment in your home you are willing to put at risk. For many California homeowners, their home is their biggest financial asset. Without earthquake insurance, how do you plan to protect that asset from the costs of earthquake damage? If you have a typical home loan and deed of trust, did you know you remain responsible for the loan balance even if your home is damaged or destroyed by an earthquake?

Consider taking these basic steps as part of good planning and preparation: Research the earthquake hazard in your area. Secure the contents of your home to reduce the likelihood of damage and injury. Investigate how well your dwelling is designed and constructed to resist damage from earthquake motion—retrofit the structure if necessary. Analyze your finances and develop a financial-recovery plan in case an earthquake damages or destroys your home or its contents.

There is good information available to help you. But only you can decide if earthquake insurance is right for you.

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