Summer is synonymous with baseball, hot dogs, hamburgers and pretzels

Michael Harrison

Hot Dog, Hamburger…Pretzel?

Summer is synonymous with baseball, hot dogs, hamburgers and pretzels.

The conundrum has always been choosing between the three while at the ballpark. Worry no more! The fear of Carb overload is over!

Americans are seeing a new dining trend and finding a new passion—Pretzel buns. This is a fairly new trend and it points to our collective desire for comfort food. What better way to satisfy our craving and not have to choose between a hot dog in a white bread bun, a hamburger in any number of boring buns or a pretzel? Put them in a pretzel bun!

Many independent restaurants, as well as some chains like Wendy’s, Jack in the Box and Sonic are turning to serving pretzel buns to bring home the taste of summer, as well as our childhood.

Aureole, in Las Vegas (a four star, four diamond and one Michelin Star restaurant), has served pretzel bread for years as part of their bread selections and I have always chosen that exactly because it is so comforting.

Who doesn’t remember walking around the state fair, the ballpark or the racetrack with a nice warm, soft pretzel coated in salt and maybe mustard? Those were the days—when we could have as much salt as we wanted!

Diners today are looking for something new and different. They want to feel that they are getting more than just a burger or a hot dog. Brioche, onion buns, wheat buns, white buns, sesame buns are perceived as just, well, not interesting.

Bring on the pretzel! It gives us that comfort from our childhood and they are super good at mopping up any extra juices on your plate.


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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

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