Indio police ask California Attorney General to charge DA Zellerbach with several crimes

pez52414.jpgNews headline from the Indio Police Department:

On April 23, 2014 at approximately 12:15 p.m., the Indio Police Department received a report of a vandalism involving Paul Edwin Zellerbach, the District Attorney of Riverside County.

The crime was reported to have occurred at the intersection of Jefferson Street and Indio Boulevard in Indio.

An investigation was initiated by Indio detectives, who conducted interviews and analyzed evidence in the case.

It started after a member of the Riverside Sheriff’s Association recorded video which appears to show someone outside a vehicle, in Indio, moving a campaign sign in support of candidate Mike Hestrin.

The recording, on the right, was made by a law enforcement officer, according to the RSA.   Also seen in the video is a white SUV with its hazard lights flashing.

The RSA claims that the person moving the sign is one of Zellerbach’s employees, Richard Rubio. The RSA also alleges that Zellerbach personally placed one of his own signs at the same intersection.

Based on their findings of Indio police, a report was written and submitted to the California Attorney General’s Office in Los Angeles requesting that charges be filed against Mr. Zellerbach.

The requested charges against Mr. Zellerbach by the Indio Police Department are:
Petty Theft (488 California Penal Code)
Vandalism Under $400 (594(2)(a) California Penal Code)
Trespassing to Place Unauthorized Signs (602(f) California Penal Code)
Trespassing with Intent to Cause Damage (602(k) California Penal Code)
Embezzlement (504 California Penal Code)
Theft of Public Funds (424(a)(1) California Penal Code)

The California Attorney General’s Office has taken the Indio Police Department’s case under review.

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

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