Stolen Pug dog found after search warrant by Riverside Police

pug31914.jpgNews headline from the Riverside Police Department:

Officer Anthony Watkins was assigned to investigate the claim that Riversider, Shawna Hamon, purchased a puppy Pug for a seven-year-old child gravely ill due to leukemia.

Ms. Hamon became aware of the child’s health status and her desire to have a Pug for Christmas.  Via a Pug networking group Ms. Hamon agreed to give the Pug the the group on the promise they would deliver it to the child in Sacramento. dog21914.jpg

Unfortunately, the Pug never arrived in Sacramento and Ms. Hamon was unable to get it back.

Ms. Hamon sent an animal delivery service company, and an attorney, to the woman associated with the delivery group based in Los Angeles.

The woman would not give the Pug back, according to police.  That’s when Hamon filed a police report resulting in a search warrant being served in the 3900 block of Edenhurst Avenue in the City of Los Angeles (Atwater Village area) on January 7, 2014. rpddog1914.jpg

The RPD personnel went to several other locations in the City of Los Angeles throughout the day and eventually that afternoon located the woman at a residence in the 5500 block of Carlton (Hollywood area) in the City of Los Angeles.

The officers found that the woman learned of RPD’s active search for the Pug and concealed it at a neighbor’s house prior to their arrival.

Officer Watkins recovered the Pug from the neighbor’s house and returned it to Ms. Hamon here in Riverside.

The sick child is currently in Pennsylvania receiving experimental treatment for her deadly disease.

Ms. Hamon is purchasing an airline ticket and will personally fly the Pug to Pennsylvania to deliver it to the child, say police.

Officer Watkins is filing a complaint with the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office for potential theft charges (484a PC) against the Los Angeles woman.

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

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