How unemployment benefits could return in California

The Senate is set to consider a bill that would extend unemployment benefits for three months. But before benefits can be restored for 1.3 million Americans who saw their benefits expire at the end of December.

The following statement was released by the California Employment Development Department:

The EDD has notified more than 222,000 long-term unemployed individuals with extension claims in California that they will lose their federally funded extended unemployment benefits at the end of 2013 unless Congress and the President agree to renew the extensions. The budget currently being considered in Congress does not include an extension of federal unemployment benefits, which are scheduled to end on December 28, 2013.

The EDD sent out notices advising affected claimants that the week ending December 28, 2013, will be the last week any federal extension benefits can be paid, even if someone is still unemployed and/or has a remaining balance on their extension. That means unless Congress acts there will be no phase-out of these benefits – all federal extension payments will come to an end at the same time. Approximately one-third of the more than 712,000 people currently certifying for unemployment benefits in California are long-term unemployed who receive federal extensions.

The EDD is closely monitoring the situation in Washington D.C. for any changes to the scheduled shutdown of these federal extension benefits. The U.S Senate has indicated there may be some interest in reauthorizing federal extension benefits early in January so we strongly encourage our customers to watch this web page for any further developments.

In the event Congress does enact legislation within a reasonable time, the EDD is poised and ready to issue the required continued claim forms immediately. We are keeping track of the claimants who are currently collecting EUC benefits. So if extensions do continue, EDD will automatically file and send out the forms – claimants would not need to contact the Department.

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Friday, January 3, 2014

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