McDonalds’s and tipping and its history in San Bernardino

                                                                                     McDonald’s Testing 2940 Calorie ‘Blitz Box’ Family Meal: Watch video below.

(In an effort do drive profits McDonald’s is testing a new family-sized value meal called the ‘Blitz Box’ in Kansas City, containing two Quarter Pounders with cheese, two medium fries, and 20 Chicken McNuggets.)

There must be pots of cash under the famous McDonald’s arches. The international purveyor of burgers is a company which started in San Bernardino. It was owned by two brothers who sold franchising rights to Ray Kroc.

It was Kroc who built the iconic brand which was previously a small burger joint in the Inland Empire.

Today it’s a company so massive that its most efficient way of communicating with employees is via websites and email.   That has become the norm in corporate America.

If you’re a rank-and-file worker chances are you don’t have an au pair, your own massage therapist or someone you employ to walk your pets.

That’s where this story starts to seem unusual. McDonald’s published a guide for suggested tips as a way to help its employees manage this burdensome holiday task.

Who to tip? How much? It you are making slightly above minimum wage there’s a chance this information could be enormously helpful.

Here’s what the maker of the Big Mac is suggesting– you do want to share holiday cheer with your minions– right?
If you have a swimming pool, and pay for a cleaning service, figure out what the cost of a single cleaning is (assuming you pay monthly) and add that as your gratitude.

Now it’s time to think about your au pair, the person who helps care for your kids and take care of the house.

If you’re a working mom, and many McDonald’s employees probably are, don’t be vexed by this problem. McDonald’s didn’t skimp on this advice: Give your au pair extra cash equal to one week’s pay. Problem solved.

But what about the cosmetologist who adds to your beauty? Consider a tip between $10-and-$60, and heck add a small gift too. And don’t stop there. You have the personal trainer who keeps you fit. Tip that person the cost of an extra session. The same rule goes for your massage therapist.

There’s other advice too about tipping the garage attendant, your dog walker, and the postal carrier. At this point we think you get the idea, which is probably why McDonald’s has since removed the information from their advice to employees.

McDonald’s rarely speaks on camera, so it’s no surprise that its spokeswoman Lisa McComb sent an email to media organizations who started asking questions. “This is content provided by a third-party partner and quotes from one of the best-known etiquette gurus, Emily Post. We continue to review the resource and will ask the vendor to make changes as needed,” according to McComb.firstmcd12913.jpg

Imagine the relief to it’s employees who earn an average of $9 hourly, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

This is the second-recent gaffe for McDonald’s.

Recently it was widely reported that the company was advising employees to tame their holiday debt by returning unopened purchases, going without heat in the winter and keeping health expenses to just $20 a month.

You can’t say the company doesn’t know a thing or two about making money. In 2012, of the $27.5 billion it collected in food sales it retained profit totaling $5.5 billion.

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Kroc bought the franchise system from the McDonald brothers in 1961. The actual sale price was $2.7 million which was grossed up so that each brother would receive cash totaling $1 million after taxes.  (Pictured upper right: 1948 North E Street and West 14th Street in San Bernardino.)

In the years that followed Kroc opened a competing restaurant virtually across the street from the brothers. The rights to their self-named restaurant were no longer under their ownership, and Kroc’s other McDonald’s across the street eventually drove Richard James “Dick” McDonald and Maurice James “Mac” McDonald out of business.

Maurice died in Riverside on December 11, 1971. His brother Richard died in Manchester, New Hampshire on July 14, 1998.

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Glen Bell founded the first Taco Bell in San Bernardino.

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