Yahoo gets new look and !

yahoo9413.jpgAfter 18 years Yahoo has decided to do some redecorating.

In a world where branding is everything, Yahoo is identifying itself with a large purple box with the Yahoo name reversed out, and the exclamation mark is slightly askew.

It’s a new look that uses the company’s official color.

The internet search giant is currently being led by Marissa Meyer who left rival Google.

During Meyer’s tenure– 14 months– she’s brought changes to the homepage and email interface.  The company also purchased Tumblr– a blogging platform.

Naturally, Meyer used the power of the internet to promote the new look.  “We knew we wanted a logo that reflected Yahoo — whimsical, yet sophisticated,” according to a post by Mayer on her Tumblr account.

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

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