Wireless internet may end in Riverside

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Barbara Brooks

Wireless internet has been among the major bragging rights under Riverside’s “Smart Riverside” program.

The goal was connect the entire city electronically, however it hasn’t come without it’s challenges. It was first discussed in 2008, with plans for coverage across the city by 2010. That goal has yet to be achieved.

In one of the largest citywide Wi-Fi projects undertaken by any U.S. city, Riverside, partnered with AT&T, launched wireless service available in the southeast portion of the city, encompassing the Orangecrest and the Sycamore Canyon/Canyon Crossing areas.

The electronic infrastructure has been estimated to have cost $13 million. And, the network has been criticized for being too slow, and for signal-strength weakness.

The governmental affairs committee will discuss the matter this Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. on the seventh floor at City hall. Riverside City Hall is located at 3900 Main Street.

Riverside was a model city for the wireless venture because it owns its own public utilities, and as a result didn’t have to negotiate for access to wireless-internet equipment to be attached to light poles.

In July of 2008 wireless access focused on the Canyon Crest area of Riverside. One hitch in the plan faces the more-wooded portions of downtown, and the wood streets, where the wireless fixtures were not as easy to attach to the vintage lighting.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

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