1991 Mohave County, Arizona murders focus of paranormal investigators

Friday night, September 20, the Route 66 Paranormal Investigators visited the place where two people were murdered.  The crime has puzzled the same investigators before.

In the video on the right Route 66 Paranormal Investigators used a night vision camera to capture motion inside the empty home.  This was recorded during a previous query on the property.

Paranormal events with Riverside California news on BlogTalkRadio

On September 20, when the investigators returned, we joined them live in a nationwide broadcast.  The unedited program can be heard by clicking on the center of your screen.   It includes a discussion with the man who found the victims on their living room floor.

On May 14, 1991 Dean Morrison and  Jackie Appelhans were shot to death along the famed Route 66.  They were two-of-six people who lived in the area known as Grasshopper Junction.   The murder mystery that followed ended in 1992 when two brothers were convicted of the deaths.

Prosecutors claimed the motive was robbery.

For Morrison and Appelhans the stop along Route 66 was both work and home.  They operated a small store, restaurant and a salvage yard.   The area was sparse then as it is today.

Morrison, 65, and Appelhans, 60, settled at Grasshopper Junction from 1998 to 1991.   The couple had four children who eventually moved from the region in Mojave County, Arizona.  brothers92013.jpg

According to court records Robert and Roger Murray killed them May 14, 1992:

On May 11, 1991, Robert and Roger Murray (pictured right) spent the night in Las Vegas, Nevada, and bought a .12 gauge shotgun. The following day, the Murrays drove to Kingman.

During the night of May 14, 1991, they decided to rob someone. While driving through Grasshopper Junction, which is 30 miles north of Kingman on the way to Las Vegas, they stopped at the home of Dean Morrison and Jackie Appelhans.

The Murrays entered the home while armed, and had the two victims lie down on the floor side-by-side. They shot each of them at least twice with a .38 revolver, and shot Jackie twice more with a .22 rifle. They then shot each of them once in the head with a shotgun. They then ransacked the house and fled.

In 1992 a jury convicted the brothers of two counts of first-degree murder and one count of armed robbery, according to online records.

By 1992 Robert and Roger Murray were sentenced to death, and subsequent appeals have not been successful.

It’s unclear exactly where Jacqueline L “Jackie” Appelhans is buried.  Dean R. Morrison was buried at Elkland Twp Cemetery in Cass City, Michigan.

If the murder victims have a message, the investigators are hoping to find it with the help of specialized electronics and a medium.

Whatever the result, we will let you know if they receive a message from the other side.

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Friday, September 20, 2013

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