Riverside Police Department officer killed

diaz2713.jpg Riverside Police Chief Sergio Diaz has confirmed that two officers were shot at 1:35 a.m. while stopped at a red light at Magnolia Avenue and Arlington Avenue.

A man in a vehicle pulled up next to the officers fired shots, killing one officer, 34.  It’s believed he was a senior officer training a new member of the force.

“From an abundance of caution we’re pleading to your sense of ethics and public safety,” said Chief Diaz in asking that the name of the officer not be released, because of the ongoing investigation.

The surviving officer underwent several hours of surgery, and is being treated at Riverside Community Hospital.

The suspect is believed to be responsible for another shooting, at Magnolia Avenue and I-15, according to Corona Police Chief Michael Abel.   Local officers in Corona were struck by gunfire, and are being treated.   The officers were chasing a truck after a 911 caller linked the driver to a previous double homicide in Orange County.

It’s believed the Corona shooting preceded the Riverside incident.  The suspect is described as a former Los Angeles Police Officer.   He has been identified as Christopher Jordan Dorner, 33, and is believed to be the suspect in two killing of two civilians in Orange County during the previous week.

Police believe Dorner is driving a silver or gray Nissan truck, likely a Titan model.

“There’s nothing that ties him to the city,” according to Chief Diaz, who assured people that there was no apparent danger to the public.

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

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