March 12 is election day for the California 40th Senate District

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For all its beauty, the Coachella Valley is known for its intense summers, and its shocking power bills.

I’m Craig Fiegener and I am running for California’s newly-redrawn 40th State Senate District. While the power company is friends with its shareholders, I want to go to Sacramento to work on securing sources of green power that are affordable.

In the Summer air conditioning isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.  For too long the monopoly of a power company has left us powerless to control ever-increasing bills.images.jpg

I am a television news reporter who wants to represent you in the 40th Senate District. My first job is to figure out who is “minding the store” when it comes to what we pay each month.

I am from Riverside County. I have never run for elected office. I am not a political insider.

Like you I have watched rates climb, and was stunned when the Orange County Register recently reported that Edison is projected earn $975-million profit in 2013. At the same time the rush is on to build massive solar plants in Imperial County.

If electricity is being farmed in our backyard don’t we deserve some type of break?

I’m a friend of the voters. With profit nearing a billion dollars, it’s no surprise the utility has friends on the ballot.

I am a write-in candidate, and with your help, we can fix this. If you vote by mail, by now you’ve likely received your sample ballot, and perhaps your official ballot.

Under the names there is a blank space. That’s for me. I am asking for your write-in vote:

ballotcraig.jpgCraig F I E G E N E R – and to the right draw a line to connect the arrows.

It’s the only item on the ballot, and overdue chance at saving money.  It’s really that simple.

I will also be providing regular video and text updates on my website

California faces many challenges. In the Coachella Valley voters tell me the the most pressing issue now is power bills.

Send me to the the California State Senate and I’ll get to work.

That’s a promise!

Write in:  Craig F I E G E N E R, and connect the arrows.

It really is that simple.

With appreciation,

Craig Fiegener

Disclosure: “Powerful Voters for Craig Fiegener” is responsible for this letter. Craig Fiegener supports its message.
FPPC No. 01 1019312

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

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