Pictures from West Coast Thunder XIII Riverside – Memorial Day Bike Run

Jan Young

Thousands of motorcycles started lining up before dawn on Memorial Day at Skip Fordyce Harley-Davidson on Indiana Avenue.  They came in all shapes and sizes:  choppers, 3-wheelers, dirt bikes, and road bikes.  And Harleys.  Lots and lots of Harleys.  Some were plain, some were fancy, and some came decorated with flags.  But all were there with one thing in common — to pay tribute to our armed forces and veterans.

Fittingly, the procession began at precisely 9:11 a.m.  As it started, a military helicopter meandered overhead along the parade route, guiding the men, women, and children who participated in the ride on this Memorial Day, 2012.

The riders were scheduled to drive past Riverside National Cemetery on Van Buren Boulevard, near March Air Reserve Base , and then continued out to Soboba Indian Casino in San Jacinto for a Memorial Day concert and other entertainment for the rest of the day.

Here are a few pictures of the procession along Alessandro Boulevard in Riverside.

edit-dscn0759.JPG      edit-dscn0703.JPG

edit-dscn0732.JPG      edit-dscn0709.JPG

     edit-dscn0723.JPG      edit-dscn0725.JPG

edit-dscn0729.JPG      edit-dscn0730.JPG

edit-dscn0751.JPG     edit-dscn0764.JPG

edit-dscn0766.JPG      edit-dscn0734.JPG

edit-dscn0770.JPG     edit-dscn0768.JPG

edit-dscn0712.JPG      edit-dscn0710.jpg


Photos by Jan Young

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Monday, May 28, 2012

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