Palm Desert High School on lock-down after student threatens suicide

News headline from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department:

Palm Desert High School was placed on lock-down Wednesday afternoon while police negotiated with a student who was on the roof of the second floor.  The student was threatening to jump, then pulled a knife on the officers during negotiations.

At around noon on May 2nd, the Palm Desert High School Resource Officer was informed that there was a student on the roof of the administrative building contemplating suicide.  The officer immediately responded to the location and observed the juvenile student standing the roof’s edge of the second floor.

Without any delay, the officer got on the roof and began to negotiate with the juvenile.

Additional Palm Desert Police officers responded to the scene along with Cal-Fire and the American Medical Response ambulance.

The high school, located at 74910 Aztec Road, was placed on lock-down and school officials began placing mats on the ground as a precautionary measure.

As the officers negotiated with the juvenile, he pulled out a pocket knife and held it in a threatening manner toward the officers.  The juvenile took several steps toward the officers while holding the knife.

When the juvenile was a safe distance away from the edge, the officers were forced to deploy a Taser, successfully disabling the juvenile and taking him into custody without further incident.

The juvenile suffered minor injuries and was transported to a local hospital for treatment.

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Monday, May 7, 2012

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