Hiker safely rescued after overheating on mountain trails in La Quinta Cove

News headline from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department:

Shortly before noon on April 20th, La Quinta Police responded to a report of a distressed hiker in the mountain trails of the La Quinta Cove.

Officers learned a 44-year-old female resident of Indio was walking on area trails with two friends when she started feeling light-headed and felt she was going to pass out due to the heat.

Arriving officers summoned CDF to the cove trailhead where access to the narrow trail was made with emergency vehicles.  Responding personnel then had to hike approximately 200 yards up the trail where they located the hikers and walked them out.

The distressed hiker was taken to a local area hospital and was treated for dehydration symptoms of heat exhaustion. Her name has not been released.

For more information on local trails and safety tips, or to volunteer as a search and rescue team member, please visit the Desert Sheriff Search and Rescue Website at www.dssar.org

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

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