Riverside police nab two juvenile burglary suspects with help of neighbors and off-duty security guard

News headline from the Riverside Police Department:

On March 19th at about 11:15 a.m., a resident of the 8700 block of Sorrento Drive in Riverside, near California Avenue and Monroe Street, returned home to discover two young men had broken into his home and were in the process of stealing several valuable items from his home, including three handguns. 

The two burglars fled on foot into the surrounding neighborhood, as the resident called 911 to request police assistance.

Officers from the Riverside Police Department and the RPD Helicopter “Air-1” responded to begin a search of the neighborhood. 

As the RPD Helicopter scanned the scene from above, the RPD Communications Center began to receive calls from several witnesses that reported seeing two young men carrying items, hiding behind bushes, while changing their clothes and then continuing to run away from the scene of the burglary.

RPD Helicopter located the two suspected burglars, as they neared the intersection of Shelby Drive and California Avenue. 

As the police helicopter crew followed the suspects, the police pilot and observer team simultaneously directed ground units into the area and made public address announcements, directing the suspects to stop.

As another neighborhood resident was taking out his trash, he heard the police helicopter overhead.  The homeowner saw the young men running and noticed one of them was carrying a gun at his side.

The homeowner is an off-duty private security guard.  He retrieved a gun from his house and returned outside to find the suspects near some bushes.

Neither of the suspects appeared to be armed at the time. He confronted them and ordered them to stop, laydown and “show their hands”.

The suspects complied and were safely detained until RPD officers arrived to taken them into custody.

Police recovered all of the stolen property taken during the burglary, including the three stolen handguns.

According to Lieutenant Dan Hoxmeier, “The pursuit and capture of these burglary suspects really showcased the partnership between the community and their police department.  Our 911 call center received calls from three different witnesses along the way, updating the suspects’ escape path and providing enough information for the suspects to be safely detained by a combination of our police helicopter crew, a concerned local resident and RPD ground units.”

RPD investigators later found the suspects to be 16-year-old juveniles.  It is suspected these two juveniles have been involved in several other recent residential burglaries in the neighborhood.

The investigation is ongoing.  Anyone with information concerning this or similar burglaries is asked to contact Detective Dave Riedeman at 951-353-7949.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

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