Martha Stewart TV show leaving; Home Depot paint drying up

With only 225,000 viewers in 2011, and of them, just 41,000 being women aged 25-54, according to Nielsen, “The Martha Stewart Show” is leaving television.

The program is currently seen on the Hallmark Channel, and will end its season in April.

Stewart continues to have a themed channel which is broadcast on Sirius-XM radio.
Stewart, who is 70, is a well known home-style expert.   Previous relationships with K-Mart for Stewart-branded products were unsuccessful.  Meanwhile  JCPenney is taking a 16.6 percent stake in Stewart’s company; investing $38 million.

Macy’s is preparing to launch a table-top line of products.  Martha Stewart-branded paint is leaving Home Depot due to lackluster sales.

– news service

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

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