Steve Clute confirms his run for the new 31st Senate District

Steve Clute
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It is with hope and humility that I announce I am a candidate to win the new 31st Senate District that represents most of the City of  Riverside.

I am ready to tackle the challenges ahead of us. Our Students, Teachers, Police Officers, Firefighters and other first responders need a Champion for them in the State Senate. Our  Families, Military Veterans and Seniors need a friend in the Senate who knows what they are going through and will commit to better job opportunities and health care.

I have served our country as a Navy Pilot and I have served our City as a State Assemblyman.

I pledge to you that I will place your interests as Constituents above my self interest, I will be a problem solver and one who can compromise when it is in the best public interest to do so.  My door will remain open to you and I will listen to what you say.2594_0clute.jpg

My wife Pamela (pictured) is also committed to Public Service. Through her work at the University of California, Riverside she has taught thousands of Students and Teachers in Mathematics Education.

Pamela and I are long time residents of Riverside and advocates for the people of our community.

— Steve Clute

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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