Metal thieves target $1000 super hydrants

superhydrant333.jpg More than 60 fire hydrants, some which are super hydrants each costing more than $1,000, as well as manhole covers and backflow devices, have been stolen.

The thefts have happened in areas handled by Eastern and Western municipal water districts’ service areas.

The agencies have agreed to a $500 reward to anyone for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of individuals for vandalism or theft of fire hydrants and other metal facilities.

The $500 rewards would be funded by the water agency in which the crime occurred. Water agency staff regularly provides information to scrap metal dealers, including recyclers and the Law Enforcement Joint Task Force, about water agency equipment and facility thefts.

The districts advise anyone who sees suspicious activity around a fire hydrant or other related facilities to call their local law enforcement, or 911.

Theft of fire hydrants and manhole covers, criminally punishable actions, not only endanger communities, it hampers firefighters in not being able to respond quickly to emergencies. It also presents risks to drivers.


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Friday, July 1, 2011

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