Riverside to develop plan to help Sendai earthquake victims

Mayor Loveridge talks about earthquake relief for Sendai: Click to watch.

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Riverside Mayor Ron Loveridge says city leaders will meet Monday to discuss ways to help earthquake and tsunami victims in Sendai, Japan.

In an interview with InstantRiverside.com, Mayor Loveridge said the city has had some difficulty in reaching contacts in Sendai. “There’s almost no infrastructure in terms of water, electricity,” said Loveridge.

It’s being reported that as much as 10 percent of Japan is without electricity.  It’s also believed that Sendai has been heavily damaged.

“We’re going to hold a major meeting on Monday afternoon,” said Loveridge.  “We’ll be setting ways to try to raise money specifically to help its recovery which is going to be expensive and not done easily or quickly,” according to Mayor Loveridge.

Sendai has been a sister city to Riverside for more than 50 years.

The city will announce its plan during Tuesday’s council meeting.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

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