Local Radio: First place battle between KGGI and KOLA

Bob Sokolsky

Call it a broadcast year like all broadcast years.  Local broadcast years anyway.

A few new call letters emerged.  So did some formats.  Holiday music filled the airwaves in December.  And the argument between area stations and the Arbitron survey firm remains ongoing.  So does the first place duel between KOLA (99.9 FM) and KGGI (99.1 FM).

But now everyone is settling back.  And it’s still a battle for first place between KOLA’s classic hits and the contemporary music of KGGI.   Arbitron is giving KOLA a 6.7 share of the area audience with KGGI running second at 5.2.

Talk station KFI (640 AM), once the most popular Los Angeles station to beam into the area, is a close third at 5.0.  Country music KFRG (95.1 FM), a former ratings leader, continues its climb, gathering a 4.9.  KIIS (102.7 FM), the L.A. market leader, rounds out the local top five with a 4.6 rating.

The adult hits of KRQB (96.1 FM) lead the 18-34 demographic crew with a 6.3. share. KIIS and KLYY (97.5 FM), Spanish adults, are tied for second at 6.0, followed by KGGI, 4.7 and KOLA, 4.2.

klyyfm11011.jpg KLYY appears at the top of the 25-54 list with a 6.7 share.  KRQB is second at 5.3, beating out the 5.2 of KOLA.  KFRG is fourth at 4.9 and KGGI fifth at 4.2.

KOLA moves to the top among older listeners with n 8.5 share.  It is followed by KFI,; KFRG, 6.8; KLYY, 4.3 and KOST (103.9 FM), 3.8,

Arbitron defines a ratings share as “the percentage of actual listeners” but the controversy over its survey methods remains.  It centers upon Arbitron’s use of Personal People Meters (PPM) that have replaced the personal diaries once distributed to a select group of listeners.

But area broadcasters, even those picking up the top ratings, question their accuracy, maintaining that only 799 meters are being used to gauge the preferences of 2 million listeners.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

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