Notice of a public lien sale in Riverside

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Notice of lien sale at public auction notice is hereby given in accordance with Section 21707 of the California Self Service Facility Act that the following will be auctioned at Riverside Storage L.P. 3230 Trade Center Dr., Riverside, CA 92507 on 1/11/11 at 10:00 am

B128-Willie Lewis-Bed frame, couch, chair, boxes, laundry baskets. B136-Dion Horn-2 couches, full mattress, tire, sm. refrigerator, clothing, boxes. B140/141Veronica Orz Loya-2motorcycle helmets, vacuum cleaner, engine hoist, engine manifold, car jack, hoist stand, 2car hoist ramps. B161-Chelsey Garcia-Couch, refrigerator, curtains, lamps, plant stand, child’s mattress, boxes.B253-Lucia Salas-Child’s bicycle, dolly, tires, clothing, plastic tubs, boxes, plastic drawers, garden tools. B268-Danny Partlow-2 guitars& 1 case, wooden baseball bats, carved walking stick ,file cabinet, 2 white doors, boxes, car jacks,3 cabinets. B282-Michelle Scott-2 sets of crutches, metal baseball bat, stereo, luggage, bike helmet, sm. cooler, boxes, hangers, clothes, B307-Kelly Luby-Wall mirror, sm. dresser, bicycle, folding chair, vacuum cleaner, plastic tub, bag of stuff. B323-Amy Davenport-Sm. dresser, plant stand, gym bag, sm. suitcase, plastic tub. B349-Victor Hurtado-Metal desk, luggage, vacuum cleaner, sm. refrigerator, couch, plastic tubs, clothing. B336- Gabriel Escalante-Clothing, boxes VCR tapes, lamp. V19-Alvin Blum-1969 RV Chevy Dreamer-Class C. 12/28, 1/4 distributes legal notices for Riverside and San Bernardino County. The company does not author legal notices; they are supplied by third parties. Legal notices are paid advertisements provided to give required public information on legal matters. Please seek the advice of professionals regarding the requirements for such publications.

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Monday, December 27, 2010

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