Undercover sting targets Moreno Valley brothels

News headline provided by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department:

Over the last few months, officers from the Moreno Valley Police Department’s Problem Oriented Policing Team investigated individuals who were operating houses of prostitution (brothels) in Moreno Valley.  Twenty-one people have been arrested for their association with these brothels.

The brothels were staffed with multiple girls (prostitutes), a manager and security. One of these brothels was concealed inside a dry cleaning business and another was operating out of a single family residence, located in a residential neighborhood.

These brothels advertised their services in the Pennysaver, the Comunidad Latina Magazine and on several social networking internet sites. During a recent operation, Moreno Valley Police Officers utilized an undercover officer looking for work. The undercover officer was invited to an interview with a local brothel manager.

During this interview, the manager convinced the undercover officer to work as a prostitute, rather than just as a masseuse. She convinced her to do this by promising her large amounts of money and a higher quality of life.

During this same operation, another undercover officer met with a brothel manager and was introduced to several girls. After paying the manager a fee, he was allowed to choose which of the girls he wanted. After this deal was made, officers entered the brothel and arrested everyone inside. The brothel’s employees were immediately replaced by undercover officers and by utilizing the existing businesses’ ads, telephones and computers, the officers ran the brothel as it usually would.

During the 8 hour operation, fifteen subjects were arrested. Five of these subjects were arrested for knowingly purchasing a fifteen-year-old female for sexual purposes.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

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