A closer look at President Obama’s Cadillac limo

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By Paul Batista
Instant Wheels Editor

If you saw that shiny new black Cadillac limo and wondered, “Which Cadillac model is that!?”, you’re not the only one. I had to refer to InstantRiverside.com’s video several times to take a closer look at what is affectionately known as “the Beast.”

Here’s a quick breakdown of the “pieces” that make this one bad Caddy:

The chassis is most likely built on General Motors’ commercial truck platform, similar to either a Chevy 2500 or 4500 chassis.

Notice the size of the tires, which are made by Goodyear, and the huge front fender flares that house them. Personally, I think they could’ve made a more attractive wheel covering for the President.

It’s unconfirmed which motor powers this mobile bomb-proof luxo-shelter, but it must be capable enough to haul around several thousands of pounds of armor.

Many reports claimed the car is diesel-powered, but I’m skeptical. The tailpipes on the car used Tuesday morning were constantly emitting steam vapor in the 30-degree weather — typically a characteristic of a gasoline-powered motor, not a diesel.

As far as I can tell, the upper and lower grilles most resemble the Cadillac STS. It shares almost no lines with the Cadillac DTS, which is what President Bush’s limos were made to resemble. The rear fascia is also based on that of the STS.

The fog lights, head lights and side mirrors are distinctly lifted from the Escalade. The only difference is the embedded LED emergency lighting.

You can really get an idea of the size of the limo when you see President Obama step into it — the car is as tall as he is. It takes two hands for the Secret Service agents to open and close the massive, thick doors. Other reports I’ve read say the car locks up like a bank vault.

The only visible badges on the limo are the traditional Cadillac crests. There is one chromed tag on rear that reads “Cadillac” — but that’s it.

This new Caddy limo is basically an SUV full of armor made to look like a car — made to protect the leader of the free world when he’s on the road.


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Friday, January 23, 2009

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