The following information has been provided to by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department:

On February 1, 2008, at 7:00 a.m., approximately 200 officers from the Riverside County Gang Task Force Regions served 12 search warrants in the city of Moreno Valley. The search warrants concluded a three-month investigation involving local and L.A. based gang members involved in distributing and sales of rock cocaine in Moreno Valley.  The following is a synopsis of the investigation

Phase I: Investigation
Between November and January 2007, Officers from the MVGTF (Region 5) and MVPD SET and POP teams conducted numerous buy and surveillance programs in the 15000 block of Elm Ct. in Moreno Valley. During these initial operations officers were able to identify approximately 18 gang members and their associates that were responsible for drug dealing and assaults in that area. Officer identified approximately 12 primary residences that were directly linked to these suspects. As a result of this investigation, Officers were able to secure 12 search warrants for the locations and numerous arrests warrants for the primary suspects.

Phase II: Search Warrant services
On February 1, 2008 about 0700 hours, approximately 200 officers from the various agencies served 12 simultaneous search warrants in Moreno Valley. During the initial execution of the search warrant phase of the operation, officers arrested 31 suspects (28 felonies and 3 misdemeanors. Additionally, 6 firearms, cocaine and other drugs were seized. During the operation, 26 children were placed with Child Protective Services (CPS). Officers are seeking child endangerment charges against 16 of the parents or guardians.

Phase III: undercover operation/45 probation searches
Between 1200 and 2200 hours, Officers conducted an undercover program in the 15000 block of Elm Ct. During this phase of the operation, officers made 20 felony arrests and 3 misdemeanor arrests. Between 1100 hours and 1600 hours, officers conducted 45 probation searches of residences targeting known gang members in Moreno Valley. Three (3) additional felony arrests were made during this portion of the operation. A total of 26 suspects were arrest during this phase of the operation.

Total Stats:
Felony arrests: 51
Misdemeanor arrests: 6
Felony warrants served: 10
Misdemeanor warrants served: 6
Firearms seized-6
Cocaine base seized: approx. 133 grams
Marijuana seized: 69 grams
Money seized: $3,300
Three strike suspects: 2
Parole violations-7
Probation violations-10
CPS cases initiated-16 (26 children)
Vehicles towed-14

Moreno Valley Police Chief Rick Hall credited the success of the operation to the diligent work of the Task Force officers, outstanding support and assistance from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), and members of the Moreno Valley Police Department’s Special Enforcement Teams. Chief Hall said, “This was a very successful operation. These gang members were negatively affecting the quality of life of the residents in the city. Today’s operation sent a clear message: Individuals who choose to participate in gangs and conduct illicit business in the city of Moreno Valley are not welcome.”

The MVRGTF (Region 5) provides gang enforcement services to the city of Moreno Valley and the surrounding county areas. The task force is comprised of personnel from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, the Moreno Valley Police Department, the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office, the Riverside County Probation Department and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

The mission of the task force is to use the combined resources of the participating agencies for the purpose of promoting safe, secure neighborhoods, free of violent crime and gang violence. Agencies participating in the task force target their investigations toward the apprehension of gang offenders. Use of the task force concept is intended to ensure well-coordinated enforcement of regional gang crimes and increase the flow of intelligence information between the various law enforcement agencies. There are eight gang task forces broken up into (8) regions, which provide gang enforcement services throughout Riverside County.

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Sunday, February 3, 2008

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