Rusty Bailey, and his Oct. 2007 campaign for Riverside City Council

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In October 2007 Rusty Bailey was a candidate in Ward 3.  He campaigned successfully to replace Art Gage on the Riverside City Council.

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

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  1. Harley Mayes Says:

    Why are there Poly people out stealing Art Gagae signs from peoples front yards? Rumor has it that Bailey has something to do with it.

  2. Jason Says:

    Rusty seems like a pretty cool guy (I dunno if Harley’s post is true or not), but I don’t think it is Rusty’s time this election. I think Art Gage has a pretty level head in the Renaissance in terms of what needs to be done, and I’m uncertian if Rusty can fill those shoes at this given time. Art Gage seems to have the right idea of what needs to be built, such as the railroad underpasses. Plus, I’m thinking he has a good concept of building astetics, which leads me to believe that he will approve projects only if they match or compliment the historic and cultural style of Riverside. Maybe after the Renaissance is closer to completion or is “done”, it will be a better time for Rusty.

  3. A V Rabinowitz Says:

    My concern regarding Mr. Bailey is the required amount of time required on his part to attend to Riverside City Council affairs, let alone the meeting times during the day.

    How will Mr. Bailey be able to leave class and allow enough time for travel in order to attend meetings during the school day? One can assume that meetings will run into overtime, therefore delaying Mr. Bailey’s prompt and timely return to the classroom.

    For this second go-around, I would suggest that voters re-elect Mr. Gage as he has committed himself to the necessary amount of time in order to attend to council business, as well as functions, community meetings and related time committments outside of scheduled city council meetings.

    If Mr. Bailey were to consider running again for public office, I would ask him to be ethical and fair to the shool district, students, teachers and taxpayers and resign from the school district.

    I also have unanswered questions regarding Mr. Bailey’s military service and why he has not been called-up to serve to help fight the war on terror.

    Many men and women currently in the armed forces and reserves have served multiple tours and many who have asked to defer another tour have been denied. Does Mr. Bailey have some reason why he has not been chosen to serve? Is it medical related?

    Mr. Bailey should really do what is right and offer to serve his country NOW! Mr. Bailey can always run again once he has served a tour of duty and resigned from the school district.

    Now, my personal feeling is that Mr. Bailey is using this election and if elected, as a stepping stone toward higher elected office.

    My suggestion is for Mr. Bailey to get his house in order, assist his fellow troops overseas in fighting the war on teror and find employment in the private sector before attempting to run for public office.

  4. Steven Campbell Says:

    I have been inundated with mailers from Rusty and called on the phone many times. The telephone calls are coming from a union hall in Los Angeles. Local 99 SEIU is the name of the union. I wonder just what interest they have in Rusty being elected in Riverside? Also it kind of irks me that a long distance call is being made from Los Angeles to Riverside on Rusty’s behalf. Is Local 99 aware that someone there is running up their phone bill for a candidate outside their area of influence? One of the callers tried to demand to know who I was going to vote for. I told him it wasn’t anyone’s business who I vote for. I have asked that the mailers stop as my mailbox is getting jammed with Rusty’s campaign brochures no avail. I also asked to be removed from the “call list”…to no avail. They keep calling.

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